v/Willy Nørgaard Olesen, BSc & MA

Pontoppidanstraede 97A

9220 Aalborg


Phone: + 45 8194 8429

E-Mail: danlinguistic@gmail.com

Web-Site: http://www.danlinguistic.net

I am an academic member of Microsoft Developer Network and Apple Developer.

As, 90 % of all translation work always has been carried out by freelance translators working from their home, rather than employees in the companies, I have been working as a freelance translator since 1990.

Fixed price for academic translation: 0,10 EUR per source word

Fixed hourly rate: 40,00 EUR

I have been an English student at AAU since 2002 alternating between with 1 1/2 years of study and 1 1/2 year of translation work. I finished my English study in January 2016. I have, and still am, financing all my university studies with Danish SU, topped-up with well-paid translation work in my own translation company.

I finished my BA in English Language, Literature, and Translation in January 2016, I am currently studying part-time at open university at Aalborg UIniversity and University of Gothenburg and will finish in 2022. All financed by a Danish study grant.




Meddelelse om SVU Bevillingudbetaling (1408-2017)


Data Camp: Courses in Data Science

Intro to Python for Data Science
  1. Python Basic
  2. Python Lists
  3. Function and Packages
  4. Num Py
Introduction to R
  1. Intro to Basics
  2. Vectors
  3. Matrices
  4. Factors
  5. Data Frames
  6. Lists
Intro to SQL for Data Science
  1. mSelecting Columns
  2. Filtering Rows
  3. Aggregate Function
  4. Sorting, Grouping and Joints
Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 1)
  1. Quantitative exploratory data analysis
  2. Thinking probabilistically– Discrete variables
  3. Thinking probabilistically– Continuous variables
Statistical Thinking in Python (Part 2)
  1. Bootstrap confidence intervals
  2. Introduction to hypothesis testing
  3. Hypothesis test examples
  4. Putting it all together: a case study
Statistical Modeling in R (Part 1)
  1. Designing, training, and evaluating models
  2. Assessing prediction performance
  3. Exploring data with models
  4. Covariates and effect size
Statistical Modeling in R (Part 2)
  1. Effect size and interaction
  2. Total and partial change
  3. Sampling variability and mathematical transforms
  4. Variables working together

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I, Exam 1Z0-808 (OCA) – (Completed)

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer II, Exam1Z0-809 (OCP)

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Associate 12c Administrator, Exam 1Z0-061 + Exam 1Z0-62 (OCA) – (Completed)

Oracle University: Oracle Certified Professional 12c Administrator, Exam 1Z0-063 (OCP)

BA Minor in Ancient History and Culture, 120 ECTS Points, Autumn 2016 – 2020, 15 ECTS Per Term

  1. Semester 1: Ancient History and Culture of Greece – (Completed with pass)
  2. Semester 2: Ancient History and Culture of Rome – (Completed with pass)
  3. Semester 3: Studies in Ancient History
  4. Semester 3: Religion, Literature, and History of Ideas
  5. Semester 3: Art and Archaeology in Antiquity
  6. Semester 4: Thematic Studies in Classical Archeology and Ancient History
  7. Semester 4: Methods in Studying Antiquity
  8. Semester 4: Essay

Degree Certificates:

BSc in International Relations – University of Gothenburg




MA in International Relations – University of Kent at Canterbury




BA in English – Aalborg University






1976 – 1979 HF Degree from Ballerup HF Kursus, Copenhagen, Denmark. (With SU)
1980- 1982 2 years Basic Social Science from University of Roskilde, Denmark. (RUC) (With SU)
1983 – 1983 BA in Social Work at Aalborg University (AAU) (With SU)
1983 – 1984 60 ECST courses in Psychology at Institute of Psychology at Aarhus University, Courses in Basic Psychlogy and Neurology, Risskov. (ÅU) (With SU)
1984 – 1986 2years Diploma Course in Global Development from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (GU) (With SU)
1987 – 1989 MA Degree in International Relations from University of Kent at Canterbury, England. (UKC) (With SU)
2009 – 2011 BSc. Degree in Global Studies, & International Relations from University of Gothenburg, Sweden. (GU) (With SU)
2011 – 2016 BA Student in English Language, Literature, and Translation & German Language at Aalborg University, Denmark & University of Gothenburg, Sweden. I finished English in January 2016. (AAU/GU) (With SU)
2016/17 – 2020 BSc Program in Computer Science at an American online university.


1976 – 1980 I have been trained as an Electronic Technician in Fona Radio A/S,  Copenhagen – a Danish radio chain store.

1989 – 1990 Full-Time Student job at Svendborg City Library, Denmark. Writing MA Thesis alongside.

1990 – 1996 Own Translation Company in Frederikshavn.

1996 – 2000 Own Translation Company in Frederikshavn. Subcontractor for the now defunct Teknik-Text AB, Gothenburg,  Sweden.

2000 – 2001 Full-Time Danish Language Consultant at the now defunct Teknik-Text AB, Gothenburg,  Sweden. (Working in Sweden 5 days a week and going home to my girlfriend and fiancee in Copenhagen on the weekends and holidays.)

1990 – 2011 Own Translation Company in Frederikshavn. Subcontractor for the now defunct ITD AB, Sweden.

2009- 2011 Own Translation Company in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2011 – Own Translation Company in Gistrup and Aalborg.

2015 – 2015 Full-Time internal translator at Datamarked Aps for 3 months, where I translated their companion webshop Skilteproduktion from Danish to English.

2014 – 2016 Lahdeli Marked and Jylland Marked. Doing accounts in the shop alongside my university studies.

2013 –          Own Translation Company in Aalborg/ Various student/translation jobs in Aalborg

Other Websites:

  1. http://www.audio-freaks.dk
  2. http://www.blue-water-sailing.info
  3. http://www.brugte-albums.dk
  4. http://www.dan-acoustics.dk
  5. http://www.danlinguistic.net
  6. http://www.english-culture.info
  7. http://www.global-peace.dk
  8. http://www.yacht-design.dk